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Hacienda Heights Improvement Association (HHIA) is a private non-profit association with a twelve volunteer member Board of Directors. HHIA was formed in 1948 and incorporated in 1955. Its mission statement is:

1. To foster and support those projects of improvement and development that will make Hacienda Heights a better place in which to live, and to do all things lawful and necessary and needful in connection therewith.

2. To develop and foster proper zoning and land use in the Hacienda Heights Unincorporated Community, assist the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors, in studies, zone change requests, and other matters pertaining to land use in our area.

3. To unite in interest all of the property owners and residents of Hacienda Heights for the purpose of creating (non-partisan) community interest, and to effect a combined influence on matters pertaining to the development and welfare of Hacienda Heights.”

-HHIA Bylaws

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Board Election

The 12 member Board of Directors of HHIA is elected by the members of the association. Each member is elected for a two year term, and may serve three consecutive terms.  Six members are elected annually.  Any member in good standing of the association may seek election. To be qualified to be nominated for a Board position, one must be a HHIA member in “Good Standing” having been a paid member for at least 6 months prior to being nominated.  Nominees will complete a “Board of Director Nominee Questionnaire.”  Nominations are made in the September Board of Directors Meeting.  The election is conducted by mail ballots which are counted by the Nominating Committee during the Annual Business Meeting in January.

Please go to the “Contact Us” tab to see a list of the current Board of Directors, their Committee assignments, and their e-mail addresses.

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Our regular General Membership Meetings (open to the public) are held at the Hacienda Heights Community & Rec Center.  Meeting Schedule: January & February-4th Monday.  March-3rd Monday.  April-4th Monday.  May-3rd Monday.  June-3rd Tuesday (due to Juneteenth Holiday on Monday, 6/19/23), July thru December-3rd Monday.  General Membership Meetings begin promptly at 7:00 PM.  The Annual Business Meeting is held in January before the monthly Board of Directors meeting (currently scheduled for Wednesday – January 17th, 2024).

Regular Meetings schedule – 2023
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
23rd 27th 20th 24th 15th 20th 17th 21st 18th 16th 20th 18th

Location: Hacienda Heights Community & Rec Center – 1234 Valencia Avenue, Hacienda Heights, CA    91745 Google Map
Time: 7:00 p.m. sharp

Annual Meeting schedule- See HHIA Events

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Board of Director Goals

2022 Goals are derived from this organization’s “Purpose” as described in Article II of our Bylaws.  Sponsors are Board Members.

GOAL 1:  Revise and distribute the HHIA informational brochure.  Add content in Mandarin and Spanish to advertise selected information and direct the reader to the HHIA Website where an electronic version of the complete brochure in Mandarin & Spanish will be posted.

Sponsors: Scott M., Shou-Jen K., Adriana Q., and Randy B.

GOAL 2:  Increase membership.  Plan a minimum of 4 community events or participate in 4 community events.

Sponsors: Geri K, Steve W., Jeffrey L., Cindy G., and John F.

GOAL 3:  Implement Electronic Payment for Membership Dues through using an electronic funds draft platform.  Advertise new option to pay membership dues including service fees if applicable.

Sponsors: Randy B., John F., Ted C., and Geri K.

GOAL 4: Review two existing “Restricted Funds” savings accounts.  Start planning to deplete one of the funds in calendar year 2022 or by July 18, 2023.  Draft one (1) proposal for expensing a portion or all of the selected fund.

Sponsors: Cindy G., Ted C., Maury E., Andrea G., and Jeffrey L.

GOAL 5: Conduct a review and propose revisions/additions/deletions to the HHIA ByLaws.  ByLaws Workgroup must submit written recommendations to the HHIA Board of Directors on or before the August 15, 2022, Board of Directors meeting.  

Sponsors: Shou-Jen K., Adriana Q., Andrea G., Scott M., Steven W., and Maury E.

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The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association was incorporated to provide a conduit of information on behalf of the residents of Hacienda Heights and government agencies that provide services to our unincorporated community. Its Board of Directors holds monthly public meetings to allow any resident of Hacienda Heights to raise concerns or suggest improvements that would enhance life in this community. Board members are drawn from broad areas of interest and typically represent many neighborhoods to assure personal awareness of a given situation. In addition to assisting community members in resolving issues that are of concern to them, HHIA’s board members have worked diligently on their own to improve the aesthetics and quality of life for our residents. A brief listing of these areas includes the following:

– Placement of power lines along Hacienda Blvd. underground.
– Leader of community opposition against development of the Puente Hills Landfill Park other than a Passive Park.
– Defeat of proposal to construct a trash incinerator in the hills above Seventh Avenue.
– Advocacy for Community Enhancement funding from landfill expansion.
– Improvement of Seventh Avenue Trailhead.
– Construction of two recreational trails accessible from Seventh Avenue and
Orange Grove Avenue.
– Implementation of Orange Grove Park.
– Organized lawsuit to compensate residents near PHLF for loss of property value.
– Proposed conceptual plans for screening unsightly block walls along Hacienda Blvd.
– Construction of sound walls to protect residents living adjacent to Pomona Freeway.
– Representation on multiple agencies seeking to protect open spaces adjacent to Hacienda Heights.
– Organization of Jim Davis Beautification Day.
– Organized opposition to building dedicated truck lanes adjacent to Pomona Freeway.
– Organize community response to Conditional Use Permits for significant projects in
Hacienda Heights.
– Participation in development of the Hacienda Heights Community Plan.
– Instrumental in the October 31, 2013, closure of the Puente Hills Landfill.
– Advocated for more parks in Hacienda Heights including a Dog Park.
– Restoration, maintenance and increased use of the Puente Hills for recreation, hiking and biking.
– HHIA is the point organization from which the County seeks input regarding future
projects in Hacienda Heights.

See also: Historical Highlights

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